CL Western Town & Backlot



The CL Western Town is a large versatile movie studio uniquely located in the pristine foothills leading into the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains immediately west of the city of Calgary. The vast native grassland and forested serenity of a large historic ranch offers a 360 degree unobstructed view. Conveniently, all of this is within the union crew zone, 40 minutes from downtown Calgary, and the Calgary International Airport. The set is only 3 miles from paved highway. Banff is less than an hour away. 

The town is a period studio featuring 1850's to 1930's buildings, most of them with finished interiors, along side two main intersecting streets, and an earlier period street on the west side facing mountains view. The town also includes a school, a church, early canvas roof buildings and a sound stage/carpentry shop/train station. Underground power (3 x 600 KVA, 1 x 3,200 KVA) is available throughout the town.

A production camp, hidden from the town, is immediately adjacent to the townsite and includes a large parking area, a catering area, wranglers corrals, complete power source, fresh portable water, cell phone coverage, and internet capability.

Additional period settings are scattered throughout the surrounding areas, including a remote large ranch house complete with a barn and corrals, a log cabin by a pond with its own corrals and sheds, a two storey farm house with a barn and corals on top of a spectacular hill with a 360 degree view, a way station with barn set against a stand of evergreens, an old abandoned mine, as well as a trapper's lodge set into the side of a forested hill. The newest addition to the set is a roadside cafe.

The property also extends to a creek frontage with ancient evergreen forest, ponds, rolling hills, and open grasslands with view of the Rocky Mountains.

Within walking distance from the production camp, there is a large warehouse containing over 4000 western set dressings available for rent. Items including: period furniture, tables, chairs, cast iron stoves and heaters, lamps, farm implements, Native props, china and crystal, curtains, barber chair, printing press, pianos, ceramics, rugs, tools, and many more pieces; enough to fully dress the town interiors and exteriors.