CL Western Town & Backlot



”Red Eye” 2018

“Black Summer” Feature 2018

“Tin Star” TV Series 2018

“Miracle in East Texas” Feature 2018

“Wynonna Earp” S3 TV Series 2018

“Hold the Dark”  Feature 2017

“Circle of Steel” Short 2017

"The Detour" TV Series (2017)

"Damnation" TV Series (2017)

"Fargo" Season 3 TV Series (2017)

"Wynonna Earp" Season 2 TV Series (2017)

"Damnation" TV Series Pilot (2016)

"Dead Again in Tombstone" Feature (2016)

"Wynonna Earp" TV Series (2016)

"Hell on Wheels" TV Series (2015)

"Fargo" TV Series (2015)

"Diablo" Feature (2014)

"Hell on Wheels" TV Series (2014)

"Away and Back (Big Sky)" MFT (2014)

"Mutant World (Fallout Asylum)" Feature (2014)

"Hell on Wheels" TV Series (2013)

"Forsaken" Feature (2013)

"Klondike" Discovery Channel TV Series (2013)

"Hell on Wheels" TV Series (2011)

"Heartland" TV Series (2011)

"Hanna's Law" MFT (2011)

"When Calls The Heart" MFT (2008)

"Blue Mountain" (2005-2008)

"Prairie Schooner" TV Series (2005)

"Broken Trail (Daughters Of Joy)" TV Mini Series (2005)

"September Dawn" Feature (2005)

"Shanghai Nights" Feature (2002)

"Monty Walsh" MFT (2002)

"Johnson County War" TV Series (2001)

"Roughing It" TV Mini Series (2001)

"Saturday Night Magazine- Globe and Mail" Fashion Shoot (2001)

"Almost America" Feature (2000)

"For All Time" MFT (2000)

"Papa's Angels" MFT (2000)

"After The Harvest" MFT (2000)

"High Noon" MFT (2000)

"Shanghai Noon" Feature (1999)

"Cross Fire Trail" MFT (1999)

"The Jack Bull" MFT (1998)

"You Know My Name" MFT (1998)

"Ebenezer" MFT (1997)

"Honey I Shrunk The Kids: The TV Show" Episode of TV Series (1997)

"In Cold Blood" MFT (1996)

"Rose Hill" MFT (1996)

"Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years" TV Series (1995)

"Lonesome Dove" TV Series (1994)

"One More Mountain" MFT (1993)

"Black Fox" MFT [Movie for TV] (1993)

"Little Big Man" Feature (1970)

Numerous Television Commercials