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Calgary, AB


The CL Western Town features a circa 1850 - 1930 Western Studio Town with a 360 degree unobstructed view of the Rocky Mountains, woods and plains. The town includes 35 complete and finished building exteriors, 19 with finished interiors, sound stage, as a construction and paint shop.

There is a Production Camp area adjacent to the town which includes a parking lot, catering area, wrangler staging areas including corrals, fresh water, and telephone lines. Power service is buried underground in the town and is available in the Production Camp (3 x 600 KVA, 1 x 3,200 KVA).

The CL Western Studio & Backlot is located on 2,000 acres, amid a 15,000 acre historic working cattle ranch in the heart of the Alberta foothills. There are additional period sets scattered throughout the Backlot, including a Trapper's Cabin, Sod Hut built into a hill, Abandoned Mine, Honeymoon Cabin, Way Station, and an Abandoned Ranch.

Other landscapes included in the vicinity are river areas, hills and rocky ridges, evergreen and deciduous forest, plains areas and mountain vistas.

The latest addition to the Backlot is the Farm House. This is a circa 1900 elaborate set that includes a large barn, corrals, windmill and assorted out buildings and can be surrounded by a rolling crop field. The interiors of the Farm House and the barn are fully finished.

Within walking distance of the town is a Set Dressing Warehouse that includes authentic 1870s western set dressings, props, antiques and accessories. There are over 4,200 items including: large furniture pieces, cast iron stoves, tables, chairs, lamps, ceramics, rugs, tools, kegs, and much, much more. 



The CL Western Town is located in the pristine foothills leading into the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains immediately west of the city of Calgary. It is located within the union crew zone, and 40 minutes from downtown Calgary, and the Calgary International Airport. It is also 15 minutes away from the Springbank International Airport, and less than an hour away from Banff. The town offers a 360 degree unobstructed view of native grasslands, vast forests, and the Rocky Mountains, all surrounded by a large historic ranch.

A production camp, hidden from the town, is immediately adjacent to the townsite and includes a large parking area, a catering area, wranglers corrals, complete power source, fresh portable water, cell phone coverage, and internet capability.